The EDEN Method of Comparing Quotes

How to compare quotes and make sure you’re receiving a good deal without getting a bad policy: Examine: Examine the main coverages of your policy.  Are the liability limits the same?  Are all drivers and vehicles listed?  Or, use an agent like us to do this for you.  You’re not expected to be proficient in … Read more

The EDEN Method of Analyzing Your Insurance

E: Examine D: Deductibles E: Endorsements N: Numbers How we look at your policies: We examine your needs and your current main coverages. Are they sufficient? Do you have any gaps in your main coverage? Any changes that may require a look? Are your liability limits high enough? Do you need to add an Umbrella policy? Deductibles … Read more

The Real Purpose of Insurance

Let’s face reality. No one likes paying for something and seemingly never getting anything back. Many people feel this way about insurance. This can lead to using your insurance for unintended purposes in order to get something back. I’ve seen this with auto insurance, home insurance (homeowners, renters or condo), motorcycle insurance, and commercial (business) … Read more

Independent Agencies vs. Captive Agencies

Since I have been on both ends, this is a topic I could talk all day about but I’ll keep this one short. A captive agency is one that represents one company for most of their products. These include State Farm, Country Insurance, American Family, Allstate, Farmers, and a many others. Even some of the … Read more