Navigating COVID-19

See what your insurance carriers are doing to help you afford your coverage during the current pandemic.

Companies are starting to come out with credits for Auto Insurance policies for the time frames most of us are to shelter at home. We’ve created this page to help keep you updated on what each insurance company is doing.  We’ll continue to update this as they come available.

***Most of these are still pending approval by the State Department of Insurance, so things could change.  This is meant to be an estimated idea and not a guarantee of what will happen. These are all for the year 2020.  


20% back
  • Credit for April and May
  • Doesn't include specialty vehicles

Bristol West

No Announcement Yet


No Announcement Yet


15% back on average


25% back
  • Credit for April and May


15% back
  • Policies in force April 30th will see a credit in May
  • Policies in force May 31st will receive a credit in June


15% back personal auto, 10% back commercial auto
  • Credit for April and May
  • Credits should be applied to your account early May and early June. Timing on when it will show up on your bill will vary depending on when your billing statement goes out.


15% back
  • Credit for April and May
  • Specific details not available yet

Mile Auto

This company is a pay per mile company. So any reduction in your driving will directly affect your reporting and you'll automatically see drops in rates for the reduced driving.

NatGen Premier

15% back
  • Credit for April, policy must be in force on 4/30/2020.


$50 credit
  • As long as your policy was active as of 3/31, you'll get a credit of $50 on your account.


20% back
  • If your policy is active on the last day of April, you'll get a credit for that month. If your policy is active on the last day of May, you'll get a credit for that month.
  • Credits will be applied a few weeks after the end of the month. So you may not see the credits until June and July.

Rockford Mutual

No Announcement Yet

State Auto

5% back on your next term
  • 1 time Credit for your next term
  • Credit will be applied to policies active on 6/1/2020. They're offering mid-term adding off their tracking program to help you earn extra discounts too. They are offering up to 10% off effective when you add the program. Please reach out to us if you have questions.


15% back
  • Credits for the months of April, May, and June
  • Credits will be applied to your account.